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The case-study catalog

This catalog lists all educational case studies purchased by the Library since 2006 :

  • Case studies for which TBS has a user license
  • Case studies accessible on a consultation basis
  • The case studies submitted to the CCMP by TBS teachers since 2006 are included in the catalog. They are available either for consultation or in their reproducible format. In the latter case, teachers must provide the Library with the version they received from the CCMP. We then amend the bibliographical note to stipulate that "any use in courses by another teacher from TBS is subject to the author's prior authorization.".
  • Case studies from Harvard, Ivey, INSEAD etc. ordered from The Case Center (formerly ECCH) are not included in the catalog, since we purchase them by individually as required and have no user license. These cases can be used once only, in compliance with reproduction rights.

The case-study library can be considered as an in-house showcase of your case-study publications; it is specifically reserved for teachers and cannot be accessed by students.