Rules for book loans

Access, consultation, borrowing: Basic principles

  • Only persons identified as Toulouse Business School readers can access and consult documents on site in the Lascrosses and Entiore libraries. No registration is required for on-site consultation.
  • Registration is mandatory if you wish to borrow documents: please read the registration procedure.

To register

  • You must present a valid student's card to register.
  • Registration is valid for one year.
  • Any change in your status, place of residence, or telephone number must be reported.
  • A check for €120 may be requested as a bond, depending on your status; please refer to the table below. The bond will be returned when all document loans have been properly returned.

Who can borrow from the TBS library? How?


What kind of material can you borrow?

All documents in the library can be borrowed, except:

  • Common reference documents: encyclopedias, dictionaries, professional directories, etc.
  • Daily newspapers and other magazines/journals

You may consult these on site.



Document loans cannot be extended or renewed .


Reserving documents

You can reserve documents at the library reception, by telephone or by e-mail.


Late returns

In the event of late returns, the library user's right to borrow is suspended until the document is returned .


Lost of a documents

In the event a document is lost or damaged, the user will replace the document or reimburse its value.



For any questions concerning late returns or disputes, please contact the library reception desk.


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