Working areas/Facilities/Ipad/Printing

Icône EquipementsOur aim is to provide you with efficient, collaborative tools.

  • 6 rooms for group work at the Lascrosses Library, including 2 with digital tools:
      • 1 room equipped with a Skype video-conferencing system: SKYPE Room
      • 1 room equipped with a shared screen: SHARELAPTOP Room
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  • 16 Macs (Lascrosses Library), 8 Macs (Entiore Library) with internet connections and office software
  • 3 iPads equipped with applications selected by the library: news, audiovisuals, practical information, games, etc.
  • Wi-Fi Access
  • One laser-printer (paper not supplied - on sale at the student's office at Lascrosses)
  • A self-service photocopier (free) 
  • Printing from a USB flash drive
  • Digital scans sent to an e-mail address 
  • Paper supplied (by Library at Lascrosses, by computer office at Entiore)


In the event of IT problems
  • Chat system on each computer linked to the TBS "IT support" service
  • IT support: 05 61 29 48 22