Brexit in the workplace : a psychology of survival ?

Auteur(s) : Weinberg, Ashley. Éditeur scientifique | Antoniou, Alexander-Stamatios G.. Éditeur scientifique | Cooper, Cary Lynn (1940-....). Éditeur scientifique

Edité par Edward Elgar Publishing - 2021 -

Résumé :
This timely book explores the psychological repercussions of Brexit in the workplace. Illustrating the mental and emotional impact of the Brexit process, interdisciplinary chapters demonstrate its effect on the wellbeing of workers and its implications for the welfare of the workforce in the future. Bringing together international contributors from a range of disciplines, this topical book focuses on key areas of workplace functioning, including higher education institutions, corporate social responsibility and the emerging experiences of businesses, migrant workers and politicians. The major psychological, political and economic implications for employers, employees and policy-makers are considered, and the importance after Brexit of actions that preserve and build on progress already achieved in the UK workplace are highlighted. Brexit in the Workplace will appeal to scholars and students of politics, psychology and business, as well as business leaders and policy-makers wishing to gain valuable insights into the range of issues facing the workforce in the current atmosphere of political change and uncertainty around Brexit.

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