Airport competition : the European experience

Auteur(s) : Forsyth, Peter. Auteur | Gillen, David. Auteur | Müller, Jürgen. Auteur

Edité par Ashgate. Farnham, Surrey, England, Burlington, VT - 2010 -

Résumé :
pt. I. How do airports compete and how strong is competition? Airport competition and network access: a European perspective ; Airport entry and exit: a European analysis ; Airport pricing ; Countervailing power to airport monopolies ; Competition between major and secondary airports: implications for pricing, regulation and welfare ; Airport strategies to gain competitive advantage ; An empirical analysis of airport operational costs ; Competition between airports: occurrence and strategy ; Airport competition for freight. pt. II. Traveller choice and airport competition. Modelling air travel choice behaviour ; Airport choice behaviour: findings from three separate studies ; Improved modelling among airports through flexible form and non-diagonal demand structures explaining flows registered within a new traffic accounting matrix. pt. III. Case studies of airport competition. Competition in the German airport market: an empirical investigation ; Competition among airports and overlapping catchment areas: an application to the state of Baden-Wu̇̇rttemberg ; Airport competition in Greece: concentration and structural asymmetry ; The airport industry in a competitive environment: a United Kingdom perspective ; The effect of low-cost carriers on regional airports' revenue: evidence from the UK. pt. IV. Competition and the London airports: how effective will it be? ; Airport alliances and multi-airport companies: implications for airport competition ; Airport competing terminals: recent developments at Dublin airport ; Competition, state aids and low-cost carriers: a legal perspective ; Subsidies and competition: an economic perspective ; Competition for airport services - ground handling services in Europe: case studies on six major European hubs ; Airport competition: market dominance and abuse ; Airport competition: a perspective and synthesis.

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