Introductory econometrics : a modern approach

Auteur(s) : Wooldridge, Jeffrey M. (1960-....). Auteur

Edité par Cengage learning - 2018 - 7th edition

Résumé :
Gain an understanding of how econometrics can answer today's questions in business, policy evaluation and forecasting with Wooldridge's INTRODUCTORY ECONOMETRICS: A MODERN APPROACH, 7E. Unlike traditional texts, this book's practical, yet professional, approach demonstrates how econometrics has moved beyond a set of abstract tools to become genuinely useful for answering questions across a variety of disciplines. The author has organized the book's presentation around the type of data being analyzed with a systematic approach that only introduces assumptions as they are needed. This makes the material easier to understand and, ultimately, leads to better econometric practices. Packed with relevant applications, the text incorporates more than 100 data sets in different formats.

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