Entrepreneurship as networking : mechanisms, dynamics, practices, and strategies

Auteur(s) : Elfring, Tom (1957-....). Auteur | van Burg, Elco. Auteur | Klyver, Kim. Auteur

Edité par Oxford University Press - 2021 -

Résumé :
In the world of business, who you know is usually more important than what you know. While most research highlights the personal characteristics and expertise important to business success, this book demonstrates that networking is the core of entrepreneurship. Both counterintuitive and powerful, this perspective reframes entrepreneurial action by placing networking at the center of the process. Traditionally, networks have been regarded as facilitators of business, but Tom Elfring, Kim Klyver, and Elco van Burg argue that networking is actually the basis of entrepreneurial action, and conversely, that entrepreneurial action is networking. In developing an "entrepreneurship as networking" model, the book addresses the persistent problems that plague the dominant "individual-opportunity" approach in entrepreneurship. They describe the key dynamics, mechanisms, and practices of entrepreneurship as networking, and point at fruitful networking strategies for entrepreneurs. Thus, the authors provide an integrated and dynamic account of entrepreneurial agency that prioritizes interaction with the surrounding social environment. They also explain what a viable network is for entrepreneurs and how networking activities affect their endeavours. Their perspective sheds new light on the origins of opportunities and how entrepreneurs access and mobilize resources. The approach also explains how entrepreneurs build legitimacy and exploit the networks they work within. Offering a groundbreaking theory of entrepreneurial action as networking, Entrepreneurship as Networking opens up an entirely new research agenda.

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